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    Feb 03, 2018 by Luchia
    Review for "District Court Adrian Deogado" at 200 East First Street #304
    Poor excuse for a judge, he decided it is ok for certain town drunks to harass people at 3:15 a.m. he wouldn't allow a restraining order to protect against her. He never one time looked me in the face when he spoke to me in court. Since when does the town drunk have more rights than a peaceful civilian, who ISN'T SELLING DRUGS, AND GETTING ARRESTED 5 TIMES FOR DRUNK DRIVING AND INJURING A GIRL, OR HAVING A 10 YR OLD AUTISTIC CHILD DRIVE A CAR IN THE APT PARKING LOT AND CRASH INTO THE NEIGHBORS CAR. BUT SHE IS ALLOWED TO HARASS PEOPLE HAVE SEVERAL ACCIDENTS WHILE INTOXICATED. SHE IS OUT OF JAIL IN THIRTY MINUTES,HOW IS SHE ABOVE THE LAW. Where do you go for justice, the poor policemen, working so hard to keep the city safe and the streets clean, and for what a judge who refuses to let the town drunk serve time. What is he her uncle.
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    Nov 06, 2017 by JORGE Mendoza
    Review for "Abogados Honrados" at 2020 South Parker Road
    Hola mi nombre es Jorge y solo quisiera hacer una consulta para saber sobre algo que me comentaron sobre algo que me pasó hace unos días saber si eso me ayuda en algo lo que pasa que estuve recibiendo unos mensajes como de extorsión y mire que alguien en Facebook comento que eso puede ayudar para obtener una visa si me pudieran ayudar en esto se los agradecería gracias

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